Solutions to common problems

1. Errors on installation page

1. ZIP Extension not found

MyAAC needs PHP ZIP extension to install plugins.

The extension can be easily enabled in php.ini.


On linux it's even easier because you just need to install following package:

sudo apt install php-zip

Then restart your webserver:

sudo service nginx restart
sudo service apache restart

Windows (XAMPP)

Go to Apache -> Config -> php.ini



By removing semicolon ; from it

2. config.lua not found

There is problem with finding config.lua on linux

It's a problem with permissions file_exists(config.lua) returns false, even though the file exists

The current solution is to set execute flags on every folder above ots path. So if your config.lua (server) is located in: /home/myuser/forgottenserver/config.lua, then you need to execute following commands:

chmod +x /home
chmod +x /home/myuser
chmod +x /home/myuser/forgottenserver

And then refresh the installation page again and follow the instructions.

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