Uniform Server (recommended)

1. Download Uniform Server

Extract the folder somewhere on your drive, lets say, drive D:

2. Delete content of www folder

Go to D:\UniServerZ\www and delete all files inside

3. Enable ZIP extension in UniServerZ

1. Stop the Apache Server first:

2. Navigate to PHP -> Edit Basic and Modules ->PHP Modules Enable/Disable

3. Check ZIP Extension

4. Start Apache again

4. Download MyAAC

Download latest version of MyAAC.

Go to MyAAC GitHub page - https://github.com/otsoft/myaac, and navigate to Releases - https://github.com/otsoft/myaac/releases/latest

Download the .zipped file from Assets

5. Move content of the archive

Unzip downloaded file - myaac-0.8.10.zip, and paste the content into UniServerZ\www

So at the end it looks like this:

6. Visit http://localhost

The installation page should be shown like on the picture.

If you are using MyAAC 0.9.x, then the install screen will look a bit differently.

7. Follow the installation

At the end you should see following screen:

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