This is a list of things that are planned for MyAAC. Everyone is welcome to pick anything, implement it, and then create a PR (Pull Request).

Please follow some basic rules

High Priority (ASAP)

There is problem with finding config.lua on linux

It's a problem with permissions file_exists(config.lua) returns false, even though the file exists

The current solution is to set execute flags on every folder above ots path So if your config.lua (server) is located in: /home/myuser/forgottenserver/config.lua, then you need to execute following commands:

chmod +x /home
chmod +x /home/myuser
chmod +x /home/myuser/forgottenserver

And then refresh the installation page again and follow the instructions.

And here's the list:

  • automatic updater of the AAC files (like in WordPress)

  • use separate tables without modifing the OTServ schema (myaac_accounts, myaac_players)

  • fundamental changes in Twig:

    • add option to write themes in Twig

  • two factor authentication for TFS 1.x


  • add some strong password requirements when creating new account

    • minimum one big letter, one small letter, digit and one special character?

    • should be configurable

  • better gallery with carousel

    • that is automatically generated from images in images/gallery folder (no need to upload)

  • remove original game template, use bootstrap

  • flags/permissions editor as new tab in accounts editor

    • example flag (for reference): FLAG_CONTENT_MAILER

    • after done: remember to remove "Website Access:" from account tab

  • maybe we can move serverInfo page to database (Pages) so it can be edited in Admin Panel (check how far possible)

  • move gallery Class to libs/gallery.php

  • kathrine tickets - show/hide

  • move rest of the pages to Twig: lostaccount, etc.

  • cache: option to clear cache completely

  • change constants: BASE_URL to base_url(), USE_ACCOUNT_NAME to config

  • new configurables:

    • login_session_time

    • login_fail_attempts

    • login_fail_attempts

    • account_identity = name,number,email

  • move website from WordPress to or

  • WordPress: Insert Headers and Footers

    • nice example how to insert to head, body from Admin Panel

    • can be used to insert Google Analytics tags, HotJar, etc.

  • plugin auto-update and check-version

    • needs support from (plugins database)

  • configurable session handler: file, database, php

  • change global variables pointing to classes like $db, $cache to Singleton Pattern

  • new command to install the AAC from command line

    • headless install

  • i18n support (issue #1 on github)

  • extend forum

    • use avatars or player outfits (configurable)

    • colorful nicknames for different groups

    • profile page

      • change signature

      • update avatar

    • member since (in forum post)

    • better looking pagination (bootstrap) + configurable for each template (look: laravel)

    • go to the last post

    • select icon for the topic

    • forum - thread name instead of id in URL

  • remove all copy-writed content

x.x - At any time between (version not specified)

  • better news archive with search function (like on the original game website)

  • new lostaccount interface

    • that allows recover by email address

    • look on original game website, they got something there

  • Export list of plugins as .json or .txt

  • apache2, nginx and lighttpd conf like in phpmyadmin

  • suggest name option in create character:


  • server data editor (web based file manager that shows and allows to edit the data folder)

  • configurable items storage -> db (slower load&parse, better search) vs cache (faster load&parse, worse search)

  • better looking email templates

  • Achievements System

Plugin Ideas

  • First 100 (x) accounts receive points/pacc

    • limit per IP

Template Ideas

  • add support for menus/color/blank in rest of templates





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